Meiners Electric is an electrical contractor in Louisville KY. We focus on commercial and industrial electrical services but will be branching into some residential services in the near future. We service the Greater Louisville Metro area and help customers big and small with their low voltage, high voltage, maintenance, and design build electrical work. We’ve done work as far away as Bowling Green but typically service Greater Louisville and the surrounding counties. We’d love to serve you. We’re one big family here at Meiners Electric. Do you want to be a part of it? There are a lot of “me too” electrical companies and electrical contractors in the Louisville KY area. Just open up the phone book or Google and you’ll find lots of them. We’re not one of them. We like to think we’re different in our approach to customer service. It’s the lifeblood of our business. We also like to call ourselves “one big family” here at Meiners Electric. That means our customers, our employees and our community. Another area that sets us apart is our belief in community. We make a special effort to support local businesses and local causes. We have a thorough offline and online safety program to keep our employees and our customers safe. We believe in leading by example. We are connecting with our customers, team members and fans through our our website and social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.